Designer for hire

Freelance design and consultation at only $25/- per hour

My Services

I Can Help You In The Following Ways


Setting realistic goals on what can be done with your website/print/video material


Step-by-step guidance on webhosting selection and domain name subscription


Installation of WordPress, selection of themes and customization of pages


Adept in various design, audio and video softwares to better suit your needs


Former working experience with Sony Marketing, Resorts World, Q-Lifestyle, Eu Yan San and more


One-time-only, monthly, weekly or daily maintenance charged by the hour

ABOUT The Designer

Currently searching for more freelancing opportunities, or a flexi-hour/part-time job that involves web design or other multimedia skills.

Have questions in mind? let me help you.

I love What I Do

And Helping others Succeed

  • Always Improving

    Growing my skills all the time to fill the needs that you have

  • Multi-skilled

    Dabbling in a vast array of fields at the same time

  • Efficient

    Ensuring that the project is completed before deadline

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